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Profile and About ALEXIS VAIL


Alexis Vail is a writer + director + producer based in New York City. 

Alexis moved to NYC to pursue narrative TV and filmmaking after managing a boutique video production company for four years. Beginning work on broadcast scripted TV shows and blockbuster features, she quickly fell in love with independent filmmaking after working on award-winning movies As You Are (2015), Love After Love (2015), and The Strange Ones (2016), among others.

In between her time on sets as an Assistant Director, Alexis wrote two feature film scripts, two TV pilots, two short film scripts and wrote + directed + shot the web series pilot, App-titude. She co-produced the short film Cal & V and four short films for the Short Shorts series written + directed by Dylan Levers. Additionally, she has participated as a crew chief at the Sundance Directors Lab.

Recently, her debut short film, As Shadows, which she wrote and directed, world premiered at the Hamptons International Film Festival as part of the New York Women in Film and Television block called "Women Calling the Shots". This short film is a proof-of-concept for her eponymous feature script which she is currently writing.

AS SHADOWS short film on Vimeo:

FILM // As Shadows


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